Partners of Simpson Desert Trek 2 - August 2016

I booked my last flight with them in 2008 and Marc and his team are really fan of Australia and they supported me in buying a way cheaper ticket from Belgium to Sydney and Alice Springs and back.
Si vous vivez en Belgique et que vous cherchez une agence spécialisée Australie, compétente et à votre écoute voici où il faut aller. Marc et son équipe me soutiennent avec un billet très avantageux. Merci.

Tribu Outdoor is the one stop family outdoor shop in France, it is hosted by a couple of real adventurers who have been doing expeditions in Madagascar or Patagonia.
Tribu Outdoor est la référence de produits et conseils outdoor / sport de plein air pour la famille. Ce site est tenu par un couple d'aventuriers Français compétents et sérieux qui ont fait des expé à Madagascar ou en Patagonie.

Rex or Regional Express is a local Outback airline in Australia. They fly to remote interesting location including Birdsville, the gateway to the Eastern end of the Simpson desert.

My friends and family do know my engagement and effort I personally do to reduce my waste and energy consumption. It is not fair to pretend to one of the most pure desert trek  (no stove, no cart, just me, the sands, the wind, the animals and the stars) if I fly to Australia for just a few weeks. CO2Logic does offset my carbon emissions for the entire expedition (flights, cars). They were already doing this in the 2008 expedition so I'm very happy to count them again as a partner.
For the Americans who read this, well they are also in the USA so have a look at their site.

Outback Logic Tents

Outback Logic designs a super tent to reflect the sun / heat and evacuate it from the tent with a fan. It is the best test to be cool inside for travel, or festivals burning man best tent.

Clif Bar produces organic foods and drinks. I used their bars and energy gums in the world first unsupported crossing of Death Valley in November 2015. Energy, proteins and a good taste to keep my mood going on. You cannot imagine how good it feels when you slowly eat something that lifts the spirit.

LONKKO is a company that never stands still. Consulting, creative ideas with passion. Testing innovative products like 360 degrees cameras before anyone else in Belgium.

MeetExplorers is the next hub for authenticity in adventure and expeditions. It's a production company for my guided (coming) tours and documentary productions.

I used the Panasonic HDC SD800 for all my expeditions since 2011. It was at that time the best prosumer camera with stunning image quality and OIS (stabilization). I made it suffer from -70m to 4500m on 3 continents. Panasonic agreed to give me a new model to suit my next expeditions.

As in 2008, the family owned business with be my safeline. I would never leave without an EPIRB distress beacon and a Satphone. You only have one life...and only 2 legs and 2 arms to save in case of.

Cascade Designs, the company owning MSR and Thermarest are now giving me something better to carry my water in the Simpson Desert. Using water bladders (goon, from wine cubicles) is nice and lighter but too fragile. I had a leak in Death Valley. I didn't loose that much water and din't get too wet but it's the loss of time to figure that out and stress that I want to avoid this time. Water is time. I can only succeed with no failures all the way to the end.

Media Partners of Simpson Desert Trek 2 - 2016

Voila Sydney is the French Speaking online journal of Australia. It's about Australia seen through the eyes of French speaking Journalists and what news they consider worthy for their audience.

PiggyBee Crowdshipping Community
I'm a digital person and fan of crowdfunding businesses. So I will use Piggybee crowdshipping to perhaps help someone to deliver an item or package from Brussels to Sydney or reverse. (Arrival in Sydney 10 Aug, in Brussels 31 Aug). Join the community or share their facebook. The more people on it the more cheap shipping and new friends made.

The Best Travelled is the best website to register and share the places you have been in the world. A smart and unique design to divide the world to really show how little we have seen. And yes some have nearly been everywhere. Here is my profile.

Many Thanks to my colleague Pascal Massin who 3Dprinted a small converter device to link my Panono 360 camera to m tripod screw.

Partners of Simpson Desert Trek 1 - 2008


Abita Loncke - The haute couture of your interiors
Epirb PLB Hire
Sun Ringle Mountain Bike
ECAM engineer school
Rode microphones
CO2 Logic compensate carbon emissions
Back Country cuisine dehydrated food