Full name: Louis-Philippe LONCKE
Skype : LonckeLPh
Mobile: +32 492 911 250
Gmail Account: BelgianAdventurer

Contact me for very specific questions. (For the French speaking: specific = précis)
If your question is "Can you help me to cross a desert" ?
My answer can be:
1) No, as it's not specific. What desert? Who are you ? your experience ? when ?
2) Yes. My job is project manager, I can plan a lot of things. So if you want me to design your expeditions, I can possibly set you up in a few weeks or months. All you have to do is train physically. My experience is high value and will save you a lot of time, energy, frustration... but you'll have to pay me for that.
3) For the Simpson crossing, well everything is explained on this expedition blog.