Thursday, August 21, 2008

William Creek

Louis-Philippe Loncke and Jim from the PeakJim & Sarah, the Peak cattle station managerspiece of camwheel screwed into the wall close the entrance of the wiliam creek bar

ENG: Hi all. I was picked up this morning at 9.45 am by Jim who drove me back to his home -The peak cattle station- and have a warm shower, massive lunch -meat pot, cake, tea- and clean my stinky clothes. Jim lives with his girlfriend Sarah. The trip took over 2 hours and we left at 3 pm towards William Creek. I am now staying in a caravan behind the property of Trevor, the owner of Wrights air. I'm fine and the Camwheel too. I hope to get a lift tomorrow back to Alice Springs. I thank Etienne G. who has been working on the blog and more for the past 6 weeks. I now back the commands :)

Louphi, William Ck, SA

FRA: Bonjour a tous. J'ai ete repeche a 9h45 ce matin par Jim qui m'a ramene chez lui -le ranch The Peak- et j'ai eu droit a une douche chaude, un repas en beton -viande, cake, the- et a laver mes vetements puants. Jim vit avec sa petite amie Sarah. Ce trajet a dure plus de 2 heures et nous sommes partis vers 15h vers William Creek. Je loge ce soir dans une caravane derriere la maison de Trevor le proprietaire de Wrights air. Je vais bien et et le CamWheel aussi. J'espere rentrer en stop demain vers Alice Springs. Je remercie Etienne G. qui a gere ce blog et bien plus encore pendant les dernieres 6 semaines. Je reprends les commandes :)

Louphi, a William Ck, SA
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